Abstract Visionary Paintings

Hannelore Fischer


Inspired, joyful, flowing.

Intuitive, visionary, transformative.

Celebrating with color, texture and gesture.

Allowing the paint to mix, obscure, reveal, sing, harmonize, express

the reverie I feel for nature. Structures keep dissolving.

Universal shapes morph into lush tapestries.

Density builds through multiple layers, yet spaciousness remains.

Diversity in variations of scale, reminiscent of cell structures or celestial bodies.

The interwoven and simultaneous nature of inner and outer reality revealed.

I cycle through the journey, reborn in each moment.

My true love and inspiration is being in nature, capturing impressions, and then bringing my visions into form.

When hiking shaded forest paths, ascending a mountain in light rain, meandering along a sunlit stream, or being in awe of a striking landscape, I am taking in the elements, rich textures and vibrancy of color with all my senses. It makes me happy to translate my experience into my painterly work. Starting out as a personal journey, each painting takes on a universal ambience, a world waiting to be discovered. Thoughtful but not conceptual, my approach lets the viewer find his/her own resonance which opens up a dialog with the painting.