Hannelore Fischer


at John F. Kennedy University, Berkeley, Dept. of Arts & Consciousness

Abstract Visionary Paintings

"I've used your show as an example of what happens to people who are truly committed to the search for truth in art. You see, you really are exemplary. The realization of several new levels of clarity and visual poignancy in the last several months alone, suggest that you continue to progress and develop... the overall effect "What a great exhibit! The colors are spectacular and the textures add to the effect. I am touched in a primordial way. Your paintings seem to touch a seed within me and develop from there. Very powerful."   Love and blessings A.


"Your art is doing exactly what you say – I experienced both the molecular, galactic and soul qualities. A great exhibit, a great job!"   J.


The work is beautiful and moving. "Spirit Boat", "Weaving the Rainbow" and "The Conversation" resonate within me the most. But I sense in all the work some refinement of your technique since "We Are All Very Similar". I love the abstract nature of your work and the colors are so rich. More powerful than ever!"   Love always R.S.


 "I am very impressed with the show. You created an environment wherein one becomes immersed. Each piece is autonomous but is also a part of a whole vision. There is also manifest a contrast between activity and stillness."   Love J.M.


​"Oh my god, what incredible work! Thank you so much for this show – I feel very captivated, drawn in – changed, as if I'd become only micron-big. I feel as if I'm going to journeys, inside and to the furthest reaches of the galaxy. Bless you, congratulations!"   J.J.





"As someone who just happened by today, I am very much moved with the color and flow of your images. I like the use of the vertical canvas. My favorites are the darker-colored pieces, the use of deep blues, cobalt, purple. I see both quasars and jellyfish, sinews and sunbursts. Really beautiful work! Thank you. This is the highlight of my day."   J.M.D.

"Really stunning! I feel like I'm working inside my body and finding the universe in creation."   C.D.H.

"Impressions of nature, a sort of ecstatic, brightly colored nature that reminds me of the huge outdoor plants, like coleus, that I saw in Jamaica, plants that for us are usually small, cultivated and indoors. Here they are outdoors and huge and wild. Despite the overwhelming impression that this is nature, there is somehow and upward movement, which could indicate the spiritual... spirit as earth, maybe the spiritual has become embodied for you in nature... the large scale makes a large statement, something that won't be held in or down... I think it';s a strong body of work. Where do you go from here?"   M.W.

"Oh my God! With deepest respect to you as an artist, to you as a friend, and to you who knows the sacred."   L.W.

"I am an artist, a young one, and find your works incredibly engaging and exciting. Your use of color is amazing. And as someone who is interested in similar concepts, I am feeling very lucky to have come visit today."   K.N.R.

"I am awestruck by the energy in this room. The movement and also the stillness in the captured atmosphere really touched me. Thank you for your beautiful work."   J.S.

"Wonderful full blown work leading me into other states of experiencing life. The tall narrow ones are just right as I look into and up into them. Favorites are the triptych ['Birth of Earliest Stars'] and 'Soul Travel'. Gives me also as an acrylic painter new ways of seeing the textures (subtle) and gorgeous overlapping transparencies. They are all energy pictures to me. The serial ones have less impact on me but are certainly dynamic. Good luck on your next ventures in the 'strange' art world. One of the best shows I have ever seen at JFK!"   D.R.

"Amazing depth and color and spirit!"   Love K.C.

"Your show is amazing and beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us all."   Much love A.K.

"What a magnificent journey into the subatomic world, creation in process. . . "   M.W.

"You left to seek strange truths in undiscovered lands. Your work is amazing!"   T.K.

"Your artwork gives life to these walls, they breathe and move in the presence of your vibrant and colorful masterworks. Congratulations, you truly are a master of your art. There is no doubt in my mind that your creative outlet will meet the eyes and change the lives of all who encounter it. I see a rewarding and successful future for you. You make me very proud, you are my greatest influence."   S.F.S.

"Fabulous. I feel like I am traveling underwater! Your paintings are complete in itself. Colors beyond colors. Life growing out of the wonderful organic forms. So many stories in each."   G.O.S.

"Wow!!! wow...wow...wow...wow... My whole being is vibrating and dancing and excited by all that I see, feel, experience while being in the presence of these incredible, beautiful, alive color-filled beings/images/art. Wow. I don't know what else to say. Hugs to you beautiful woman. What a gift it is to know you and be present with your art. My love and gratitude to you."   J.S.

"The work is beautiful. I love the entire effect – the way you have hung the show etc. Your techniques are fantastic. I'd love to talk to you about how you achieve some of the exciting effects. I am so proud of you. Congratulations!"   D.W.

"Your work is fantastic! It resonates deep within my body and I wish I could sit with these for hours! The details and effects are brilliant. I would love to talk to you more about your work. Congratulations!!"   S.A.

"Wonderfully beautiful and fascinating works with a whole new thematic. keep going on that path! Stimulating for contemplation and meditation, some with great harmony. I wish you fulfillment on your way."   G.F.